Toutankhâmon - Le trésor du Pharaon


On the occasion of the discovery of the tomb, the exhibition Tutankhamun, the Pharaoh’s Treasure shined at the heart of the City of Lights between March 23 and September 22, 2019.

More than fifty years after the « exhibition of the century » – which had gathered more than 1.2 million visitors in 1967 in Paris-, it was a unique opportunity to rediscover the history of the most famous pharaohs before the opening of this collection in the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo.


Presented by the Ministry of Egyptian Antiquities and IMG at La Grande Halle de la Villette, this immersive exhibition featured a collection of more than 150 original objects from the tomb, including numeral of the young ruler’s personal items that guided him between life and death/accompanied him in life and in death: gold jewelry, sculptures and rituals objects.


The exhibition gathered a total of 1,423,170 visitors its Parisian operation, setting a new record by becoming the most visited exhibition in France.

Pharaonic success for the Tutankhamun exhibition.

TF1 22/08/2019

A unique opportunity to rediscover history.

France TV 02/04/2019

The cultural event of the year.

Les Échos 22/08/2019

The most visited exhibition in history.

France Inter 03/08/2019

The most eagerly awaited exhibition of the year.

Télérama 10/03/2019

The exhibition that everyone is talking about.

Futura Science 07/07/2019

A first in France.

France Culture 25/03/2019

Never has an exhibition attracted so many people.

France Bleu 03/08/2019