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Les Productions Adonis
Les Productions Adonis
Les Productions Adonis
Les Productions Adonis
Les Productions Adonis


Adonis Productions is a company specialising in sourcing, organising and promoting major public events such as exhibitions and shows.

In addition to supervising production, we pay particular attention to the effectiveness of marketing and promotional work. Our close relationship with well-known media outlets enables us to package each project as a premium event with our public.

Our expertise also enables us to adapt the best marketing strategies by establishing the most relevant ticketing service for each event.

Finally, a merchandising team supports our projects (both exhibitions and shows) and thus offers the public the opportunity to buy derivative products on our event sites.


 • Striving for excellence • 

 • Placing entertainment at the heart of the event • 

 • Offering the public high quality events • 

 •Making every experience memorable • 

 • Turning each project into a premium event • 


 • Sourcing and creation of well-known live projects • 

 • Organising, promoting and producing major public events • 

 • Sales marketing for events • 

 • Marketing and promotional management • 

 • Project coordination • 

 • Overarching merchandising management (creation, manufacture, purchase and distribution) •