In the Star Wars universe, would you have been a Twi’lek hunter? A Jedi Wookiee knight? Or maybe an Ewok fighter pilot? At the Star Wars Identities exhibition, each visitor was able to compose their own personal hero. By questioning identity’s creation through two emblematic figures of the saga, Luke and Anakin Skywalker, this complex subject was exposed in an interactive and playful way.

In 2014, France was the first European country to host the interactive exhibition Star Wars Identities. In Paris, La Cité du Cinéma set up 2,000-square-meter film sets, and in Lyon the cultural area La Sucrière opened its doors.


Developed and produced by X Productions of Montreal in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd., the exhibition explored human identity science through all saga’s characters. 200 originals were on loan from the Skywalker Ranch in California and the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. Some of them had never been exhibited to the public before. Anakin’s life-size podracer, ship models, sketches and costumes were able to recreate the universe of the saga.

Each visitor can become a character of the saga and discover what forces inhabit him (...) Go see the exhibition!

Louis Laforge, France 3 17/02/2014

An exceptional exhibition by the number of original pieces. Fans will have plenty to see

Nora Meziani, D8 14/02/2014

Which hero are you? More than an exhibition, STAR WARS Identities invites you to become one of the characters of the saga.

Canal +, JT de 13h 15/02/2014

The whole point of STAR WARS Identities is to make you a character from George Lucas' universe. We enter the skin of the characters of the saga

Stéphane Boudsocq, RTL 14/02/2014

We enter the intergalactic backstage of the saga. This exhibition is a bit like the alliance of light and dark force!

TF1, JT de 20h 15/02/2014

We feel part of the saga, we are in it!

M6, une visiteuse dans le JT 15/02/2014

A modern tale in which the visitor of the exhibition is invited to participate by creating his own identity. A unique opportunity to discover some of the pieces of the saga.

Norbert Evangelista, LCI 13/02/2014

200 costumes and models involved in the saga are on display, even Darth Vader is exposed!

Christophe Airaud, France 2 16/02/2014